Make a link page to your forms. There are 2 scripts in the zip file below. One is the html page that creates a page like the screenshot above. The other is a php script that makes the buttons from a single image. You will find this empty button also in the zip.
The php script uses it over and over again each time you call it in the studio script as a link. You can change the button by changing the url in the php script that links to the button.
To call the php script and write the button to your Studio page just copy the style used inside the studio script to add more buttons. You will see something that looks like this.
<a href="Composite.php"><img src="ButtonTile.php?text=Composite"></a>
That script starts with a regular html link, followed by a link to the button using an "img src=" tag. ButtonTile.php is the name of the php file. ?text= is telling it to write on the button and Composite is what will be written, and the final </a> makes the link clickable, so that the button appears like this:
The button tiles to the size of the label that is put on to it. So if you change the button make sure it is tilable. You can add periods before and after the label to make it appear larger like this.
<a href="Composite.php"><img src="ButtonTile.php?text=......Composite......"></a>
Here is the ZIP.