Gradient Fun

Make a Gradient Dog
Go to the Arc Tool
enter peru yellow 90 and 10
peru yellow 140 and -10
check Circle and click create my Arc
Upload the Arc and Take to IM
Paint the center black
Fuzz 9999 floodfill matte
Click F/X and click distort
Distort Type Shepards
Virtual pixel Transparent
Parameters 0,140 70,140 228,140 158,140
Click F/X and distort
Distort type polar
Parameter 0
Transform trim reset page geometry
Transform flip
Upload dog head
Take dog head to IM again
Transform flip
resize 140x226!
Decorate transparent border 20x10+3+3
composite over -gravity north -geometry +0+0
URL head over body
Transform trim
Annotate eyes
color black font URL
pointsize 50 gravity northwest +92+30 lower case o
annotate +33+30 upper case O
Paint eyes fuzz 15000 color yellow floodfill click left eye
fuzz 15000 color yellow 127,49 floodfill click right eye
Draw mouth black stroke black strokewidth 2
polyline 78,93 88,83 98,93
Optional output composite multiply dog on dog
resize as desired
I used 130x170!