Gradient Fun

Make a Gradient Guitar
Go to the Arc Tool
enter aqua navy 140 and -140
white navy 140 and -10
check Circle and click create my Arc
Upload the Arc and Take to IM
Click F/X and click distort
Distort Type Shepards
Virtual pixel Transparent
Parameters 0,140 70,140 228,140 158,140
Upload guitar body
Take Arc to IM again
Resize 70x80!
Distort Shepards as above with
Parameters 0,30 30,30 70,30 40,30
Upload Head
Go to IM input page enter size 50x50
Format Gradient
Meta black-white and click view
Transform 50x50+30+40
crop and reset page geometry
Output as gif and save URL
Transform rotate right
Transform 10x0+0+0 bgcolor black
Transform rotate right
Composite saved URL North
Resize 20x15!output and save URL
Resize 20x225!
Composite saved URL Tile across and Upload neck
Input page IM size 228x440
Format xc Meta transparent view
Composite North body
Composite South head
Composite North +0+160
Transform flip
Resize 228x400!
Output guitar gif