Crochet Prism Slanted
Stitch Afghan

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1 skein Caron One Pound black, white, gray.
Boye Crochet hook J/10.
These instructions are just an outline of how this afghan was made. If you are experienced with this stitch, you should be able to follow these instructions and complete the afghan.

Center: For the black, white, gray center, follow directions found in this afghan.
Triangular sides
For the black triangular shaped sides around the center, follow the instructions in this pattern starting at decreasing row (Row 97). Repeat the decreasing rows on all 4 sides.
Slanted Stitch addition
Next, sc around the square in white, 40 sc per side, 4 sc in each corner.
Following this, the Slanted Stitch needs to be added back on to the afghan. This row is basically following the instructions here, with the difference being that instead of chains, we are working with a row of sc stitches. This row will also require adding in the corner stitches as done in the center (Ch 3, 4 dc in same sc as ch 3, ch 3, 3 dc around 4th post of last cluster, skip 3 stitches slst in next). These seem to work well if begun in the 3rd sc at a corner.

Once satisfied with how that first row appears and the corners fall into place, follow the instructions as done for the center rows, 1 more row in white, 2 rows in gray, and begin decreasing again in black. Decrease on all 4 sides, changing colors after 2 rows of each color.
Once you have another square shape again, you will need to set up the sides for the slanted stitch. Using black, sc around, with 80 sc for each side. Continuing in black and following the instructions for the slanted stitch, add those onto the sides. Make 2 rows of slanted blocks in black, 2 rows in white, and 2 rows in gray.
Shape: Square or rectangular
Here you have the option of decreasing each side and making a square afghan, or you can make it rectangular by working rows of color on the top and bottom, while decreasing only at the sides. In other words, begin to decrease at one corner, do not decrease at the top, but rather work a corner and keep working around to the other side, decreasing at the next corner. You would need to work along the top 2 sides back and forth, until desired length. Then you would need to match the bottom to the top.
Now you can decrease on all 4 sides to complete the afghan. Finish as desired. I finished with a row of sc stitches, followed by a row of picot stitches.