Puzzle Tutorial<br> with Image Magick

Puzzle Image Tutorial

Take the blank (appropriate size) template to IM and paint some pieces to remove from the puzzle. Paint color, floodfill, fuzz 999, color black.

Next click composite. Use the blank puzzle template again and Click difference. The background will turn black and the pieces white at this point. Now go to decorate. Put black in the color box, click border and decorate. Go into Effects Put 0x1 in the Parameter box click blur and effects. Next use the paint tool to make the black section transparent. Paint matte, Floodfill, color none, fuzz 999. Output as BlankPieces.gifsave for further use.
Take this image back to IM. Click composite. Using the Main Puzzle image URL, use center in. Click composite again, using the BlankPieces.gif this time, use center and +0+3 and Dstover to make pieces appear more 3D. Now click transform, -8 parameter, and rotate. Back to composite. Using the BlankPieces.gif again as the URL click center -25-5 DstOver. Save this image All Pieces
Now take the Main Puzzle image and click composite. Use the all pieces image as the URL, center and click over. Transform trim. Output this image.
You can also paint your pieces one at a time, trim them, and place them beneath or on the side of your puzzle.