Gather URL'sWhen working with a lot of ttf URL's you can save one URL in your keyboard memory and write down just the names of the other URL's. All of the URL's for the ttf files are the same except for the actual file name, which is the ttf name such as eyes.ttf. You could also put a list of these names along with the dingbat letter in your find box. Such as eyes-FF features-a lips-k.
Return to siteIf you need to choose another dingbat because you don't like how the eye you originally chose looks, your can hit your Go-To box and put the ttf URL in there. Delete the ttf file and fonts. type in PEG/dings.html and it will bring you back to the site to navigate. Then hit your back button and you will be back inside the IM studio with your image.
Resize backgroundResize your background by clicking on Decorate. Type in the widthxheight +3+3 in the box for the size you'd like to increase your background by. You could also just increase the height or just the width. +0+25 +3+3 will increase the height by 25 pixels on the top and bottom of your image. Type in the color of the backfround. Or type in transparent. Click on border and then click on Decorate.
get right dingbatDingbats are case sensitive, just as URL's are.
Flip or flopYou can flip or flop your image to annotate on the left or right or bottom of the image. If you have a left hand, once you have annotated that, go in to Transform and click flop so that the image will now appear as if you annotated a right hand. Then annotate another left hand. You can flop it back if desired. Similarly you can flip your image to put corners on the bottom.
Crop an imageTo crop or chop your image, such as a photograph you'll need four numbers before you click on transform. The first two numbers you need are the size of the image at present, such as 300x400 (it should appear in the window on the bottom of your screen, (or in resize). The next two numbers you need are the width and height you would like to remove. You can get these numbers by first clicking on your image at the top left in the Main Studio, make sure none is in the Paint option. With the yellow arrow, click at the point you'd like to remove. On the next screen you will be given some numbers. The first two numbers are the width from the left and height from the top. Take those two numbers and type them in the box with the current size such as 300x400 +25+42 and then click on crop. Also click on reset page geometry on the bottom and then transform. Similarly to cut the bottom right of the image. Click on the image on the main page again to get the numbers. Put (the new size numbers) and these numbers in the Transform box and this time click on Chop. Crop is for top left and Chop is for bottom right.
Wrong dingbatIf you are not getting your dingbat when you try to annotate it, check the spelling of your URL as well as the spelling of your color.
Wrong dingbatIf you are having trouble switching from one ttf URL to another, for example you didn't change the file name and then hit the back button to change it but keep getting the first URL, you may need to output the image and input it again to clear the cache. This happens occasionally.