I have create a Gallery of gradient images for you to use in your table art. These images can be rotated at IM from vertical to horizontal view if you would prefer that.

A lot of webbies have created table art and if you would like something viewable on a PC you can substitute these images for your gradcolor/gradangle codes on some of your favorite works of art.

These images are for you to use in any way you like. You can fold, spindle and mutilate as you please, but please do not hotlink to this site. You may also transload the entire site to your site. I have a zip of all the images and a html gallery which you can open up in a directory to have for your private use. You may even offer the images on your site. I really don't care. I've got mine, and the more the merrier.

If you have a special request for a certain color that is not here, just drop me a line and I will get it. The gradcircles however are not possible to make in odd colors. These images were all created with a PHP script.


I may add images from time to time, so if you are interested in more drop in to my home page:

This site is dedicated to Sally who taught me everything I know about gradtable art.