Change Hue Generator for Gradients

This tool will change the red angles to the colors specified on the tool. It is not perfect so there are no guarantees that the image will appear as desired all of the time. But it will work for most images. This will save a trip to Image Magick to get a different color angle. You will need to transload the image URL through your mover to get the image. you cannot take the URL to IM as it won't recognize it in the form it is generated by this tool. You can change it to a jpg when you transload it. Only JPG images can be used with this tool. If you have a problem uploading it to your site you can enter the url in to this tool and get one that IM will recognize or perhaps your server will accept.

For any of the angles below you can use a relative URL in the tool. The names of the angles begin with a G followed by the number, such as G10.jpg. A negative angle will be Gn10.jpg. For the reversed angles the name begins with B or Bn followed by the number.

Angles Reversed Angles

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