Notes to Lesson 14

The wolf MP3 for this Lesson is not available, so I replaced it with the dark shadows MP3. Also, inside of the script I moved the codes for the MP3 to the beginning of the file so that it will begin to play at the beginning of the swf.

Some things to know about using MP3 files with Ming, is that you can only use 1 MP3 on a swf. If you need to use 3 sounds in a movie, you would have to create an MP3 that plays the 3 sounds, using a program such as Audacity. Ming does not play all MP3 files. Some may need to be converted to be compatible with Ming. MP3s are best used as monotone, and a sampling rate of 22050, and changing the speed after changing the sampling rate. This can be done using Audacity. You can read what Thomas Boutell, Ming's creator, has to say about using MP3 files.