Ming Banner instructions

MOST IMPORTANT: When you have created your swf banner, select, copy the html code. Here you will find the url of your personal swf along with the necessary codes to display the swf on a html page. You must transload your url and rename it as you choose during the transloading. Make sure the link in the code is correct for your site. Change the background color if you wish. Change the width and height if you wish. The width and height in the code is the actual swf file size. There are 2 places for the name and sizes so make sure you read through the code to fix it to your specific needs. The swf will only be saved on my site for 24 hours and then will be deleted, so be sure to transload it or it will disappear from your page.

This tool is very easy to use. It allows you to either use a gif image to tile across the words or use a color of your choice. If you use a tile, the tool will ignore the font color. If you choose colored text the tool will ignore the gif image url. I have a page of tiles for you to choose from, or you can use one of your own, so long as it is a gif image. There is also a link to more tiles on Moon's site at the bottom of the page.

The stroke color can be used with either a tiled or a colored text, so you must enter the color of your choice in that box. This is the outline color of the letters.

Enter a background color. This will be the background color of your swf. However, no matter what color your swf background is, you can always change it when you display the swf on your html page. Inside the html code is a place for background color and you can change it there.

Pick a font from the drop down menu. Look at the page of samples for the style of font you prefer.

Pick a movement. Look at samples for the style you prefer.

The overlay movements may be added to the swf by clicking on the style you want. It will always look the same from file to file. Leave it as none if you don't want an overlay. I will be adding more styles over time, so check back.

Choose continuous loop or stop after one loop. The continuous loop will recycle the test over and over infinitely. The stop option will stop it after one cycle and will only replay on a reload of the file.