DJ Mike's
Rotating GD Slideshow

This slideshow is a PHP script that utilizes the GD Library in PHP. You must have PHP and the GD Library for this script to work. May not be compatible with Mac. However you may reload the page to see the show or you may be able to view it in an I-Frame with a meta refresh tag

CCP the script in to a PHP file. Requires jpg images only but does not require they be of the same size.

IMPORTANT: Images must all have the same name and be numbered sequentially in this fashion:

etc. If does not matter what the first name of the images are as long as the names are all the same. can be song_01.jpg for example. Once you have done that, replace the word "file" in the script with the word of your image string. Don't forget to change the word file to your word on this line also $image =imagecreatefromjpeg("file_0$rand_pix.jpg");

To place the show on a page or in a sig for webTV use an image tag.

<img src="slideshow.php" reload="1">.

PC users should put this line of code in their php slideshow script under the opening php tag:

header('Refresh: 2');

Here are examples of the Plain Slideshow.
WebTV VersionPC Viewers
One of the unique features of this script is that because it is a GD script you can use GD functions with it. You can add a background, draw circles, square, lines, geometric shapes and write on the show with a ttf font. You can find an example of some GD functions used with the show.

then copy (CMD-C) & paste (CMD-V)