These are a few scripts for rotating dingbat fonts as a kind of slideshow. The first script allows you to choose which figure (characters) you would like to display. You just add the ttf font of your choice, along with the characters you'd like to display to the script.

The second script chooses all the characters available in the font from an array (A-Z, a-z, 1-0 randomly. You just add the link to your ttf font in the script.

The third allows you to show more than one character from the font at once at random locations. Again just add the font to the script.

The fourth script had a tiled background

The fifth script has a random tiled background. Add the images and font to the script.

WebTV viewers should create a html page and just link to the php script with an image tag like this: <img src="script.php" reload="1">