Ming Lessons

These are a set of Ming Lessons written by WebWizard Jerry and saved by Nancy Quale when Jerry had offered them out to anyone who wanted them, before he took his site down. Nancy has kindly passed them on to me to keep and offer to anyone interested in learning Ming. Jerry's lessons are his actual lessons. It is possible to learn on your own, or learn with a friend. Byron Dallas and I tackled them together and shared our results and comments. Next to the lessons, I have added my own notes. I have been working with Ming for a couple of years now, and have made a good number of movies and changes in how I use the code myself. It does help if you have a background knowledge of php code, as far as understanding reasons why the movie does not show because you left out a quote or something. Also helps with understanding the loop codes. Ming, however, does have a language all its own and you can learn the language separate from php. You must have access to php, Ming, and Adobe Flash in order to use Ming scripting.

Index of lessons given by WebWizard Jerry

These pages have all been put into a text area so you can easily copy & paste the codes. All pages start with the explanation of how the code works, then a summery of the codes used so far. There is also a link to the finished .swf at the bottom.

Lesson 1 Getting started Notes to Lesson 1
Lesson 2 Adding Shapes (lines) Notes to Lesson 2
Lesson 3 Adding shapes (square) Notes to Lesson 3
Lesson 4 Adding shapes (circle) Notes to Lesson 4
Lesson 5 Adding text (Ming Fonts) Notes to Lesson 5
Lesson 6 Ming grad colors Notes to Lesson 6
Lesson 7 Adding text special effects Notes to Lesson 7
Lesson 8a Adding motion Notes to Lesson 8a
Lesson 8b Adding motion (spin) Notes to Lesson 8b
Lesson 8c Adding motion (Motion and size change) Notes to Lesson 8c
Lesson 8d Loop lesson 8a-c Notes to Lesson 8d
Lesson 9 Changing shape colors Notes to Lesson 9
Lesson 10 Morphing one shape to another Notes to Lesson 10
Lesson 11 Making a link button Notes to Lesson 11
Lesson 12 Make a Splash Page with a re-direct Notes to Lesson 12
Lesson 13 Using Transparency Notes to Lesson 13
Lesson 14 Adding Audio to swf files Notes to Lesson 14
Lesson 15 Advanced Action Scripting Notes to Lesson 15

I have added 2 more lessons for showing you how to tile an image into your movie and animate it, or to make a slideshow.
Lesson 16 Image Animation
Lesson 17 Image Slideshow

Other useful links for Ming & PHP